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    The service is active in Rome, Bologna and Turin
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Fast and Secure

Smarticket.it is the new way to pay for parking on the blue lines directly on your bank's app from your smartphone, fast and convenient.
You can start using Smarticket.it at any time: No prepaid cards necessary! Only pay for the minutes used by using your card already inserted on your bank's app without running the risk of having to enter your information on an unknown app..

* The service is currently available in the City of Rome, Bologna, Turin, Lucca and will soon be extended to other main Italian cities.


Smarticket.it is:


Smarticket.it services are available on operating systems like iOS, Android and Windows Phone. You can find them on main Italian bank applications.


You will not be asked to enter your credentials or your bank card information on third party applications, but only within the banking app: Smarticket.it brings services to your city on your smartphone.


Pay for parking with Smarticket.it simple and convenient: You are charged directly on your card, without the need to add credit on a wallet. This way you only pay for the service that you use.


Services offered by Smarticket.it

The service currently available is paying for parking on the blue lines. A Ticketing service will be added shortly for local and national public transport. Always with the convenience of Smarticket.it, which allows you to shop with confidence, spending money only for purchases that you are interested in, without having to purchase prepaid cards.

Available cities on Smarticket.it

The service to pay for parking on the blue lines is available for the City of Rome, Bologna, Turin and Lucca.
Many Cities will be added soon, return to the page to have the updated list