information on the use of personal data

information on the use of personal data

This policy describes the processing of personal data carried out within the services, in accordance with Decree Law 196/2003, for any user who signed the terms and conditions of ("User").

The data provided by you or otherwise acquired in connection with the use of service (the "Service"), shall be treated in compliance with the legislation on protection of personal data.

1 - Data Types
Following the subscription of the terms and conditions of the service, Smarticket may carry out data collection, recording, organisation, storage, processing, communication, modification, selection, use of personal data provided directly by the user, in the process of establishment of the relationship, which is acquired by Smarticket, later, on the occasion of the use by you of the services provided by the same, even through the website and mobile applications. The types of data processed are as follows:
1) Identification and contact data collected during the service subscription including, among other things, your name, CF, email address, mailing address, phone number;
2) Data on the use of services: data resulting the use of the services rendered by (eg, location, start time / end time, the payment method, plate), in order to fulfill its contractual obligations;
3) Any data on habits and preferences (for example, the frequency of the service being used) type of services used), in order to fulfill its contractual obligations to provide any specific location- based services (eg ., parking fees, parking degree of occupation). Where, in fact, the user expressly authorizes the geographical tracking, applications will receive the user's location;
4) Any data on the user's location, or data corresponding to the parking area where the vehicle is located;
5) Navigation data, is data acquired while accessing the information on the website and information or functionality of the application.

2 - Processing Purposes
The information you provide will be handled for the following purposes:
1) Management of contracts and provision of the Service, as well as management of any requests for information sent by the user of the Site even in the absence of the site registration.
2) Accounting and Tax Management Service
3) Communications regarding the service or on new features of the Service
4) Business communications and marketing
5) Profiling (analysis and processing of information related to the User to provide targeted services and personalized offers)

In the following paragraphs it is illustrated in detail the types of data collected and the purposes for which they are processed in the context above, identified from 1 to 5. The data processing is carried out in a computerized mode.

2.1 Purpose of the processing of identifying data and contact
Personal information that can identify the user, such as name, email address, phone number, birth date or home address. The identification and contact data is processed for the following purposes:
• To verify identity and assist in the users identification::
o For example, the e-mail address becomes the user's name when registering a account and access to services.
o The telephone number is used to verify your identity and provides an easy way to contact you if necessary.

• Determine the appropriate services for the user:
o The date of birth can determine the age and the Services available for the user.

• Send important notifications:
o For example, the email address is used to send receipts of ticket purchases.
o In addition, the email address may be used for sending information relating to a modification of terms and conditions.

• Improving the user experience and the overall quality of services:
o Knowing the user's personal details allows you to customize the communication sent.

2.2 Purposes of processing related to the use of data services Such data includes the monitoring of the user's actions at the time of access and use of services and the profiles created over time. It also includes information about the devices and the methods used to interact with the services and content. When personal information is not necessary to provide the service, Smarticket just processes the information on the behaviour of an aggregate basis, avoiding the use of individual data. It collects information on the access device in use during the visit to or use of the Services, including information that is automatically recorded during the use of the Services (for example, requested information, date and time , IP address, etc.)

2.3 Purpose of data processing related to the habits and preferences. The information is processed related to the behaviour, for the following purposes and device interactions:
• Provide, maintain, protect and improve the products and services and develop new ones on
o For example, information on how to navigate our Internet site or use of the Service can be used for data analysis and research purposes, to provide a better user experience.
o When the user approves the T & C in a mobile application that integrates service, a unique number and the device information are sent to in order to simplify the maintenance of applications and services and provide automatic updates.

• Improving the user experience and the overall quality of services:
o The User's activities is used to figure out what they find most important and most interesting in the Services allowing you to customize the experience based on the actual preferences.
o The device identifiers and platform allow you to understand the device used to access the services, so that they can customize and optimize and improve the overall user experience
o By storing data locally, we can improve capabilities such as the websites' performance and uploading content even when you are offline.

• Provide more useful information, and most relevant content offers and the latest news about the service:
o For example, clicking on a link to a tutorial by a marketing e-mail or by following on Facebook or Twitter.
o Understanding how and where the interactions are with allows you to provide customized and useful information on all user-preferred communication channels.

• Users and Protection:
o They can be monitored unusual or suspicious activities on services, such as automated abuse, in order to quickly identify and inform the user of potentially fraudulent activity affecting their account.
o They can also use your personal information for internal audits to ensure compliance with applicable legal requirements.

2.4 Purpose of the data relating to the user's geographical location Such data can be collected in order to simplify the selection of the parking area where the vehicle is located, in order to fulfill its contractual obligations and eventually provide specific services based on the user's location (for example, the functionality "take me to the car"). Smarticket will be able to receive information on the User'a position if the user has expressly authorized the geographical tracking. In fact, the data relating to the user's geographic location is always collected prior explicit consent given by the user, according to specific modalities depending on the device in use. This consent may be revoked by the user at any time, via the right device settings.
In addition, it uses the location information for the following purposes:
• Improving the user's experience and the overall quality of the services
• Provide more useful information, and most relevant content offers and the latest news about products and events:
• Verify identity and assist in the user's identification:
o For example, verifies the IP address in certain geographic areas when registering to make sure that the user is actually interested in registering to the Services and to minimize the risk of identity theft.
o It is not used to monitor the location information private activities for other purposes than those indicated in this section.
o They do not share your location information with third parties, except for companies belonging to the same group of, or are sold to other entities.

2.5 Purposes of the processing of the navigation data for easy access to the information site of or navigation information sections of the application is not necessary to transfer any personal data; However, the computer systems and software used to operate the site acquire, during normal operation, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols. Such information is not collected to be associated with identified individuals, but by their very nature could allow the identification through processing and associations.

3 - Information received from a third party
When you use a proper third-party login, recovers basic profile information directly from the identity provider for the following purposes:
• Verify identity and assist in the user's identification:
o For example, if the user registers the Services using a social media site, we receive basic profile information such as name, age and country of residence

3.1 Settings and preferences Certain services allow you to specify your personal preferences (eg, language). Users can also specify privacy preferences regarding the sending of marketing communications.
• This information is used to improve the user experience and the overall quality of services:
o Knowing your country and language allows the user to show the services in the language, time zone and locale.

3.2 Purchase Info They treat the information on goods and services purchased by the user via, for the following purposes:
• Provide, maintain, protect and improve the products and services and develop new ones
o They use the information on purchases to customize the service based on the purchase history.

• Send important notices, such as communications about purchases or modification of terms and conditions:
o They use the information on purchases to send the User an email confirmation .

4 - Nature of data provision - processing mode
Compared to the purposes set out in paragraph 2, no. 1, 2 and 3 provision of data is required and necessary to use the services offered by Smarticket: the eventual refusal involves the objective impossibility of account registration and / or use of the service. Compared to the purposes referred to in paragraph 2, n. 4 (commercial and marketing communications),) and 5 (profiling) the provision of data is optional. The lack of consent does not produce any effect in terms of regular use of the service, unless the inability to participate in the activities referred to in paragraph 2 above, n. 4 and no. 5.
At any time, however, during the use of the service, the user can change their choice made during joining the Service. The user can also modify the digital channels available from Smarticket, their data, including preferences for how you receive communications regarding the fulfillment of the contractual relationship based on the various channels that will be available.

The processing of personal data is carried out by means of manual tools, computer and data with logic strictly related to the purposes so as to ensure the security and confidentiality of data, even in case of use of alternative channels and traditional. They can be aware of your data subjects designated by Smarticket Distributors and / or Agents. The list of Processors are available

5 - Subjects or categories of subjects to whom the personal information may be disclosed
Where the services are made accessible via the User Interface of the Bank, Smarticket communicates the user's personal data in order to enable the Bank a smooth performance of its services (eg. Data on the related parking area and the duration will be provided to allow the payment through the payment methods chosen by the user). The process by the Bank will be in a self-data processor as shown in specific Information on the processing of data by this surrender and for the purposes for which the user has provided their consent, where required.
Where the customer has given consent, voluntary, disclosure of their personal data to third parties for commercial and / or marketing, the data can be communicated for the best realization of the purposes mentioned above, to other subsidiaries and / or connected with Smarticket srl or business partners Smarticket (including, without limitation, the banks that provide the interface for access to the service), as well as specialized companies specifically appointed by Smarticket srl for the execution of specific marketing services, advertising, correspondence and auxiliary activities. In the case of disclosure of data to third parties, Smarticket srl guarantees their process in accordance with local regulations.
Details of the person to whom the data is disclosed can be requested by sending an e-mail at however, excluding the sale or distribution of the data.

6 - Data Controller
The data controller is the Smarticket Company Ltd. (the "Company"), with registered and operating office in Viale Luigi Schiavonetti 286, 00173 Rome .. The holder can be contacted at The data processing can be performed by Smarticket or companies within the same group. is committed to protecting the user's privacy. The personal data will be stored on secure servers and will be used only for the purposes specified in this privacy policy. The servers used by to store this information is accessible only by authorized personnel and guarantees the presence of adequate security measures.

7 - Rights of the interested party
They can practise your rights towards the data controller at any time under Article 7 of the D.lgs 196/2003, which is reproduced in full:

Legislative Decree n.196/2003, Art. 7 - The Right to access personal data and other rights:                                 

1 They have the right to obtain confirmation of whether or not personal data concerning them, though not yet recorded and their communication in intelligible form.

2 They have the right to obtain information:
a) origin of personal data;
b) the purposes and methods of processing;
c) the logic applied in case of processes carried out with the aid of electronic instruments;
d) The identity of the owner, manager and the representative appointed under article 5, paragraph 2;
e) the recipients or categories of recipients to whom the data may be communicated or who can learn about them as appointed representative in the State, managers or agents.

3 They have the right to obtain:
a) Updating, rectification or, when interested, integration of data;
b) the cancellation, the transformation in anonymous form or the block of data processed in violation of the law, including those whose retention is not necessary in relation to the purposes for which the data was collected or subsequently processed;
c) certification that the operations referred to in points a) and b) have been brought to knowledge, also as regards their content, of those to whom the data have been communicated or distributed, except in the case where this proves impossible or involves a disproportionate use of means with respect to the protected right.

4 They have the right to object, in all or in a part:
a) for legitimate reasons the processing of personal data, pertinent for collection purposes;
b) The processing of personal data for purposes of sending advertising materials or direct selling or for carrying out market research or commercial communication.

8 - Changes to Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy will be updated from time to time so that users are promptly informed of the activities of data. We will carry out any operation that could put user's personal information at risk and we will require the consent when necessary to protect privacy rights. We will update users about changes to this Privacy Policy via the Service. In addition, we will use any method of communication available to inform users about important changes to this Privacy Policy. If the user continues to use the Services after being informed unequivocally update the Privacy Policy, you agree to be bound by the updated terms.